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accurate muscle-memory
for a repeatable and
consistent backswing

Gain more
with just 5 minutes
practice a day

80% of success in golf is getting a correct and consistent backswing. The downswing then falls into place. The Swingcheck teaches you the correct backswing, so you don’t even have to think about it. It’s an excellent training aid.

Bernhard Gallacher, OBE

How it works

Whether you are a beginner, a club player or a pro, a backswing that is on-plane is the key to greater power, more accuracy and more consistency in your game.

The Swingcheck is a portable, lightweight, customisable training aid, designed to teach you to swing the golf club correctly on-plane, all the time, every time. It can be used on any surface, indoors and outdoors, for every type of swing (single and two-plane). Click on the video to learn more.

Golf Pros  - Use Swingcheck as a universal training aid with your students who will then want their own device for practice/homework between lessons. This will accelerate improvement, results and motivation, resulting in more lessons to become an even better golfer.  Click here to become a reseller

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